Cashier Overcharge Errors
Posted: 2005-12-10. Categories: Restaurants, Subway

A subway store that my husband and I regularly frequent, routinely rings the sale wrong ignoring to discount the purchase reflecting the applicable coupon.

The store used to have stamps where a full card = a free 6″ sub. Often, the checkout person charges for the free sub, we catch it and have the sale corrected. This happened again this past Friday at the same Subway.

We had a coupon for a free 6″ sub with the purchase of a 6″ sub. The sales girl rang up 3-subs with one at no cost. We only ordered only 2-subs. The total came to $3.49 over what it should have been.

I asked for a receipt and brought the error to the girl’s attention. She ignorantly commented that the sale had been completed and that she would have to call a manager at home. We waited.

The manager apparently told the store clerk that she could not give us a refund. It is now our duty to contact the store on Monday to again attempt to get this error corrected.

Is this the correct handling of this situation, for the store to refuse and postpone correction of their error? Is there any further compensation such due under state law for the overcharge?

Thanks, Kim

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Kim,

    Many stores today have security measures in place, in an attempt to prevent a clerk from ripping off the store and to thwart robbers. This often includes not allowing a store clerk to open the cash drawer without making a purchase.

    If this Subway is a privately owned and operated franchise, the owner is free to make any store policies he or she sees fit. I agree it’s very frustrating.

    If the clerk was unable to correct the error on the spot she should have at least offered you another sub as compensation. This was have allowed you to avoid making another trip to correct her mistake.

    Each state makes it’s own laws governing commerce within it’s borders. So, it’s impossible for me to comment on it’s legality. You should call the store manager, he or she should be able to mail you a refund. If you have further questions regarding the legality of the issue, try contacting the Department of Weights and Measures in your state.

    Thank you for your questions.

  2. Rinku Dhruv says:

    My name is Rinku and me and my friends regularly goes to subway at Euston at London for taking our break from the work to subway. We usually goes on monday and there is a manager who always does the mistake and then not even feeling sorry. I saw a pigeon in the shop when we were eating the food and the pigeon was under the table. First it was back of the counter and there was a manager and 2 girls were working but no one even trying to take that pigeon out.