Called Calloused and Unethical
Posted: 2007-04-25. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

I went into the Meijers store in Southgate, MI to get groceries and some toiletries. It’s the first time I had been in the store for a while and I became furious about the fact that the toiletries were moved to the other end of the store.

The reason is blatantly obvious…you have to walk the full length of the store and hopefully spend another few bucks on something that you wouldn’t have otherwise. What about the handicapped, the elderly, and the harried mother who had to bring along her kids and now she has to herd them to the other end of the store to buy toothpaste and deordorant?

Are your marketing people so calloused and unethical that they don’t care? Is your management actually that insensitive toward people who don’t have all day to chase all over your store? Walmarts is looking better all the time!

I’m dissappointed in you!

Michigan Shopper

2 Comments to "Called Calloused and Unethical"

  1. Julie says:

    Don’t like it? Shop elsewhere. Geez!

  2. Retail Bandit says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Michigan Shopper will go elsewhere.