Kroger’s Scanners Don’t Add Up
Posted: 2007-08-08. Categories: Kroger, Michigan, Retail Stores

Attention Kroger shoppers – read your receipts and check those expiration dates. Nearly every shopping trip at Kroger, I am either:

a. overcharged or
b. sold an expired item

Today, it happened again…and it’s really taxing my nerves.

The latest scan scam:
I was overcharged .49 for a Balance Bar (which was not price stamped). Most people wouldn’t care, but as an avid receipt reader, I am absolutely appalled at how often I am overcharged.

To Kroger’s credit, they did honor the scanner law, (though they could have basked in the glory of a loophole as I have learned from this site). I have to say, the money was not worth the rudeness from the customer sales clerk–or the fact that she scammed the store by not writing up the refund– when I mentioned the scanner law, she chucked over $5.39 – more than the required $5 amount, and barked “take it!”

I even tried to give her money some of the money back because I actually felt bad.

After reading these responses, I’m mad.

I’m sick of being taken…

It adds up.

Farmington Hills, MI

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