Meijer Gets it Right
Posted: 2007-08-21. Categories: Meijer, Michigan


I was unaware of this law until I had an overcharge happen to me at Meijer in Kalamazoo. I took my receipt and product to the returns desk and the girl there informed me of it as she refunded my overcharge and gave me an additional amount of money (I don’t recall the exact #’s as it was a while back).

Since then I have been aware to check my receipts no matter where I shop.

I had an overcharge at Menards, went back to the return desk and the girl proceeded to hand me the amount I was overcharged on my 2 items, I informed her of the MI Law and she had to call a manager…that manager was aware of the bounty and I was also refunded an additional $10 ($5 for each of my items).

Two days ago, I purchased an item at a Kalamazoo Super Petz, paid and realized I had been overcharged before I left the store, the manager who was working another register handed me the $0.39 that I was overcharged and turned around to leave the register. I explained to him that I was supposed to get 5 times the amount overcharged (as I was unsure of the specifics of the law until reading your website) and he stated “Well if that’s what you want”, I told him “No, it’s Michigan Law” and he then handed me $2.00 very rudely. Not once was he apologetic of the oversight!

Just wanted to share my thoughts…thanks for the info on your site.


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