Meijer: Smug Retailer
Posted: 2008-01-14. Categories: Kroger, Meijer, Ohio, Retail Stores

Dear OTS;

Regarding the Huber Heights, Ohio Meijer Store

I was thrilled to find your website as my loathing of the snide, irresponsible management of Meijer has festered over the years. I refuse to shop them. However, (even in my absence) they continue to snub and urinate on my family, my neighbors, and me.

When I moved to my fine neighborhood 10-years-ago the closest grocer was Meijer. The problem was (is) impossible 5 and 6 customer long checkout lines — my direct, repeated complaints to the store and area manager were pooh-poohed. Finally, a Kroger opened next door to Meijer and I have rarely ever returned to Meijer (when I did visit I found the same continuing understaffed, rude disregard for their customers – every time without exception).

After fleecing my neighborhood hard, Meijer met will some competition, which still has some sense of customer service. Meijer is opening a new store up the street about 4 – 5 miles north of the Harshman Road location and will be closing this torn-up asphalt “mega lot” and “butt ugly” structure leaving behind a blighted area that will take years to redevelop. This may be the status quo in the rust belt area of Michigan but here in Southwest Ohio we have had quite enough “hangover” from General Motors abandoned plants, closed CVS and Walgreen stores — without having the world’s most smug retailer leaving a pile of feces to clean-up.

Ralph Stamm,
Dayton, Ohio

2 Comments to "Meijer: Smug Retailer"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I find it interesting that you complain so much about people who are trying to make a living, maybe even in a job that they are not comfortable with. At least they are trying, and what about you. are you the perfect employee at your job? By the attitude you portray of the working class, I hardly belive that you could be the employee that we strive to have.

    Please don’t apply at Meijer. You don’t have what it takes.

  2. Retail Bandit says:

    Believe it or not, I’ve “worked” for a living my entire life. I have over 25-years experience in customer service. I was very good at my job, which is exactly why I take offense at those who have been hired to do a job they obviously can’t handle.

    I wouldn’t work at Meijer because they don’t require the kind of work ethic I demand of an employer. Thanks for your concern.