Fraud or Mistake?
Posted: 2008-05-11. Categories: Wal-mart

Manager threatens to call police on customer attempting to return a DVD containing the wrong movie.

I recently purchased a movie for my 5-year-old daughter at Wal-Mart. It was supposed to be The SpongeBob Squarepants Moviebut when I got home (about 20 min. away from Wal-Mart), it was an Avatar cartoon movie in the SpongeBob Squarepants case. I tried to return it but was immediately was treated like a criminal and the manager acted like I was trying to scam them.

I kept telling him it was the wrong movie in the wrong case and they needed to check out all the other movies on the shelf for a vendor error. The manager proceeded to be very rude and loud with me, he even asked to see my receipt to make sure it wasn’t counterfeit. I showed him and he still didn’t believe me.

The manager asked me to leave 3 times and threatened to call the police. I told him I would leave but I would be back the next day. I complained to the manager that it isn’t right when buying a movie that you expect to be in the case only to discover that it isn’t the correct movie in the case.

Isn’t that like fraud or false advertising?

They think everyone is a criminal, so they treat all customers like criminals even the honest ones.

I finally convinced him to go back and take a look at the other movies on the shelf; he found out that the rest of them were exactly like the one I had purchased. The truth finally came out. Every movie on the shelf in a SpongeBob Squarepants case was actually an Avatar cartoon.

The manager had an employee pull the movies from the shelf and I told the manager that I would be getting in touch with the vendors to find out what is going on!

$20.00 for a movie that you don’t get soon adds up for Walmart when 1,000 or more customers do the same thing. That is free money to Walmart, since they don’t except refunds or exchanges on movies or CD’s. That soon adds up and the customer gets stuck with a movie that isn’t wanted and sometimes the movie isn’t in the case at all. You buy a movie but what you end up with is an empty case. I think there should be something done about this.

Vendors make mistakes, yet customers are treated like criminals and it isn’t our fault the correct movie isn’t in the right case. There should be a way for Walmart to be able to check these products out, upon arrival at the store, before they actually go on the shelf. Who’s to say one of the vendors’ employees, packaging the item didn’t do this purposely to get free movies to resell. They should make all movie cases with clear see through cases like some CD’s.

I am sure this has happened to a lot of people. They just haven’t tried to return them because they know Walmart won’t refund money or exchange these products.

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