Tick Tock
Posted: 2008-06-13. Categories: Wal-mart


I bought an Emerson Research Alarm Clockfrom Wal-mart a couple of years ago. I wasn’t supposed to have to set the clock’s time except for a time zone.

Now that the daylight savings time dates have changed I have to set it now. I paid extra money so I wouldn’t have to worry about resetting my clock. I found the web sites on this problem and now that is exactly what I have to do.

It’s not so much Wal-mart’s fault as it is the Emerson Radio Corp’s fault, I would really like it if someone could help with this, people didn’t buy these clocks to have to reset them all the time, they bought them for convenience.

To make it worse I don’t have that receipt anymore. I just think they should at least repair or replace the clock with one that works the way it is supposed to. The change in daylight savings time change wasn’t in congress only one night.

I would like a response on what I should do or whom I should call Wal-mart’s web site and Internet service is vague on things as is Emerson’s.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Richard,

    I would write Emerson a letter and explain your frustration to them. A reputable company normally stands behind their claims. They may replace it for you.

    However, since you’ve had the clock a couple of years, and daylight savings time has changed back and forth probably at least twice since you bought the clock. It may be a little too late for you to have the problem solved, at no cost to you.

    You don’t say how much the clock cost you, clocks are pretty inexpensive these days. Considering the time and frustration involved in getting Emerson to replace it, it might just be cheaper in the long run to replace it yourself.

    Be sure to hang onto that receipt, just in case you don’t get the functions you were after.

    Wal-mart has a pretty good return program. They will probably exchange it for you, for another clock. However, I’m not certain -after two-years of use – that that would be fair to them.

    Let your conscious be your guide.