Turkey is for the Birds
Posted: 2008-06-16. Categories: Restaurants, Subway, Texas

I recently had a very bad experience with subway. I purchased a Turkey Breast Sub and took it back office only to end up choking on turkey feathers that had been processed into the meat.

If that was not horrible enough, I went back to talk to the store manager, (my office is in the same shopping center), to complain about the feathers. He came over and looked at my sub, and right away began blaming the meat distributors which was PFG. He stated that subway was in no way at fault and would not resolve my complaint.

The feathers were 3 inches long. I can’t even stomach the thought of ever eating lunch meat again.

I complained to the Subway Corporate Office. Their response was to tell me that it not their fault. I called a few consumer lawyers, they said if you aren’t physical hurt you have no case. So, I called the health department, which is like running around in circles and nobody there knew what department to send me to.

I have pictures and witnesses. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to handle this situation, because subway only wants to give me coupons. (Like I would eat there again.)

Mary Craun
Administrative Assistant
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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Mary,

    Whenever you have a situation such as this, it is always helpful to know what you want to happen before you place the call. I believe you should have been compensated for the mishap, unfortunately, Subway could not afford to accept responsiblity for the feathers out of fear you would sue them.

    You should have asked for contact information for the distributor, so that you could make a complaint with them. It’s likely they will never know there was a problem. You should have demanded that Subway at the very least refund the money you paid for the sandwich.

    As for the Health Department, unless you are familiar with their internal departments, it can be a nightmare to navigate their system to log a complaint. I found a link that might be helpful to you, while it is supposed to be used to report food poisoning, I do believe this would fall under that catagory.

    Best wishes, I hope you are able to resolve this problem.