Linens No Bargain
Posted: 2008-10-11. Categories: Retail Stores, Target, Texas

I was shopping for linens at the Target store on Haskell Avenue, Dallas, Texas. I chose several items that were shelved directly behind a huge red “clearance” sign. Having been overcharged on sale items at this store before, I asked the checker to make sure the items scanned at the discounted price. They did not.

A person working in the linens department was called and he denied the items were on sale. I then demanded to talk to a manager, a request that was ignored.. I then informed them that I wanted to show someone the clearance sign. The checker warned the department by phone that “the customer is on her way back,” and by the time I got there, the sign had been removed.

When I demanded to see the sign, the clerk removed it from the rack where he had slipped it out of sight and claimed that customers had put the sign there and that the only items on sale were red-tagged ones.

Sure enough, some items had been cherry picked and a red tag applied.

However, the huge red sale sign would lead most people to think that the entire section was on sale, and many people would purchase the items without checking the price and would end up being cheated. This is clearly fraudulent, and the behavior of the employee who hid the sign confirms they knew they were wrong.

I understand that Target is notorious for this sort of thing after speaking to other people.

Tanna Gilder,
Dallas, Texas

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  1. CLA says:

    I work at a Target and on one level, I understand your frustration with the team member who hid the sign. That was unprofessional, clearly. However, if the store you shopped at is anything at all like the one I work at, our guests shop our store VERY heavily all day long, and merchandise is being picked up, looked at and discarded everywhere in the store except where it belongs.

    It is a very rare guest who puts anything back where it belongs. We also have guests who shop our store who as a matter of habit claim that they found items on a clearance rack or shelf ALL the time. We have guests who pick 70% off clearance stickers off of items and put them on regularly priced items. We have guests who shop our store who have nothing better to do than try to defraud us with coupons for items they don’t even have in their carts.

    I am sorry that the team members in that store handled the situation badly, but if your item was not marked with a clearance sticker, it was not clearance and someone (most likely a guest) put it in that spot by mistake. I also worked on the team that does clearance markdown, and no one on the sales floor can randomly mark items as clearance just on a whim or to prove a point. The price on the item trumps the sign I’m sorry to say.