E-machine’s a Lemon!
Posted: 2009-07-24. Categories: Wal-mart

 E-machine's a Lemon!

This is what I sent to Wal-Mart customer service, to no avail:

To Whom It May Concern:

My Name is Sandra Matthews and I purchased an E-Machine desktop computer along with an extended warranty, three years ago from your online store. Purchasing that extended warranty, to say the least, was one of the smartest things I ever did, is an understatement. For the E-Machine computer turned out to be a big lemon. I happened to be the one unlucky person that gets the faulty product — that can happen from time to time. Sorry to say it needed service numerous times, which is no fault of Wal-Mart’s, you sell the products not make them.

My complaint is that it has taken over a month of phone calls, talking to many different people (Eddie, Tammy, Dustin, Tasha, one even a supervisor, named “Billy”) to find out about getting a renewal on my extended warranty. No one could help me! They all were very pleasant about it, putting me off that is — either the request was put in wrong or there was a system error, which held up the quote.

Even today a very nice lady named Robin told me again the request was not put in accurately. I can understand that may happen from time to time but for all their nice manners and pleasant way about your customer service people, doesn’t anyone know how to actually do the job right?

My thought is yes they do, or how else could they have put me off for so long and yet I still keep calling back. I now have figured it all out. If they put me off long enough, I will just give up. You don’t want to offer me the warranty because I have had to use it so much and now it is costing YOU money. I’m sorry for that, but it is not either of our faults. But if you’re going to offer a service then you really should offer it and not keep people hanging.

Just remember, this is one unfortunate time when a product is bad quality and unfortunately both of us have had to deal with it.

But I want to make a point, when I buy another desk top which maybe soon — it won’t be an E-Machine (I’m done with those), but it could very possibly be from Wal-Mart and I most definitely would purchase the extended warranty even if I never needed it, it would still be a purchase I would make because of my past experience and, I would highly recommend it to my family and friends. It truly was a big help.

So even though you may have lost some money on this particular purchase, over all you would still come out ahead for all the times the extended warranty is purchased and hardly ever used. You still win.

In closing, I realize this e-mail will probably not really get me any where with you except to get it off my chest. I’m just one tiny fish in a sea of many — too small to really matter. You’re way too big a business to be effected by one small insignificant customer. But think, if there is one unsatisfied customer there could be more and if we ever cross path’s well — then maybe it will make a difference.

Have a nice day!

S. Matthews

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Sandra,

    You might want to reconsider. E-machines aren't bad machines but any electronic purchased at Wal-mart will give you trouble.

    Let me explain:

    What most people do not realize is that Wal-mart doesn't just buy their products on the open market. Businesses peddling their products to Wal-mart, in Bentonville. If Wal-mart finds a product they like, they will come in and say, "We want to purchase x number of items and this is what we are willing to pay. Take it or leave it."

    Wal-mart has put many U.S. companies out of business by their practices because in many cases, the product simply can't be made for the price they are willing to pay. So, rather than going out of business a company will cut as many corners as possible, in order to cut their bottom line.

    What this also means is that products you buy at Wal-mart's low low price, is often inferior to products from the same company purchased somewhere else.

    For instance I purchased a package of socks from Target and an identical package from Wal-mart. The socks purchased at Target, felt better and held up longer than the Wal-mart socks.

    Yet another example:

    My husband and I purchased two DVD/VCR combo's from Wal-mart within a relatively short period of time. Different brands, both cost around $75 and both failed just after the 90-day warranty expired. So, we purchased a replacement at Sears for around the same price. The one we purchased at Sears has lasted us over 3-years and is still working.

    Last example:

    We own a technology company and we purchase lots of replacement hard drives (probably in excess of 100 per year) — always Western Digital — they are the most reliable hard drives on the market today.

    Locally, only Staples and Wal-mart carry them, so in an emergency we have purchased Western Digital hard drives from Wal-mart — well no more. Every single hard drive we've purchased at Wal-mart has failed within a year of purchase.

    This is not a coincidence. We inform all our clients, never purchase electronics from Wal-mart. I recommend you buy your next computer at a reputable establishment.