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Have you noticed the recent Campbell’s Soup commercials for their newest line of products; Select Harvest, advertising their new natural soup line with “real ingredients”, sea salt and no MSG? This advertising campaign makes me wonder what ingredients are found in their regular soup line.

My reason for bringing it to your attention is that the Select Harvest line of soups is proof positive that consumers drive the market. As more of the masses become better informed about the foods we eat, we’ll see more of the major food producers examining their production methods, additives and preservatives, in search of an expanded market share.

Just the fact that these soups have made it to the grocery store shelves is proof positive of the impact consumers have, when they target their food dollars into healthier food options.

As scientists have taken over large portions of the food production industry, we have seen consumers lean more heavily toward organic foods, locally grown produce and a general back to basics move.

If you haven’t already adopted a non-GMO diet or a more natural diet, free of pesticides and chemicals, do spend some time learning about the impact these harmful practices can have on your family members. [Edible News]

Our family has even gone so far as to adopt a policy of not buying items made in China. Chinese workers are treated unfairly and Wal-Mart is making billions off the backs of poorly paid Chinese workers.

I make it a point of complaining to companies about their faulty automated telephone services. They can never understand my voice; I end up arguing with a machine, it’s infuriating.

My point is this: we don’t have to take it. If enough American’s simply refuse to buy products that used to be made in America, we can force change. No company will stay in business long if they don’t provide the type of products consumers demand.

So, whether it’s buying natural foods, goods made in America or reducing the demand for plastic, we can all do our part to effect the changes we want to see. Think twice before you pull out your wallet to pay for something you don’t really want to buy. There are still many options available to you – it may require getting a little creative or looking a littler harder but the benefits to us all will be huge.

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