Since when is it a citizens job to make things easier for law enforcement? Since, Louisiana House Bill 195 passed and requires that those who buy and sell second hand goods cannot use cash to make those transactions. Rickey Hardy, District 44 commented, “It’s a mechanism to be used, so the police department can be able […]

In the past week I have had the occasion to visit my local Meijer (Avon, IN) twice. During each of those visits there have been issues that have caused me problems. On the first visit I was in need of snow salt. I asked 3 employees and got 3 different answers about where I could […]

I recently moved to a small town, so small there is only one small convenience store in town. As part of my routine I stop at the store for small items I need on my way home from work. I have noticed that I have not been given a sales receipt for any of my […]

New Website Reveals the Worst Practices of America’s Largest Companies Co-op America’s Responsible Shopper Web site features the latest “dirt” on more than 150 of America’s largest corporations and helps consumers shift their support to the most responsible companies. Co-op America launched its new Web site today to help consumers discover corporate America’s worst […]