Have you noticed what passes for programming these days? This is getting ridiculous the have the audacity to charge for Cable Television, then that want to sell us something. We’ve got Intervention: Do you have a family member who is hooked on drugs? Call and get help. They supply not only the therapist but the drug […]

I just received a phone call from Comcast. I am simply livid. They called to inform me that my bill was past due. Well, how can that be? Since reactivating my cable service through Comcast only a month ago, I’ve never received a bill from them. Not one. Apparently, they are sending the bills to […]

I am sitting here on hold, waiting for a Comcast Service Representative to answer the phone. I am fuming mad, so mad in fact that I feel as though I could spit nails. I was sitting here enjoying my second Law and Order program of the evening — one I was really looking forward to watching. Especially since […]

After being without television for the past two years, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order cable again. Our local cable company is Comcast. I decide to be smart about it and order it online, to save time and hopefully money. After I checked all the boxes, filled in all their forms, and then […]