This weekend I was overcharged at two different Meijers at two separate times. On Thursday, I went to a Meijers in Grand Rapids, MI. I bought some Margarita mix. The price tag was marked $15.88. When I got home, I checked the receipt and the item had rung up for $17.95. I called the store […]

The Meijer store on Hill Road in Flint, MI is where my problem starts and finishes. This Meijer store consistently puts items in a bin, marking the price on the bin $3.49. Then you buy the item and it rings up at $4.99. Each time I take the item to the customer service desk they […]

An open letter to Brian Danner, Meijer Store manager. Mr. Brian Danner We have to stop meeting like this. This is my third or forth time I have been overcharged at the Allen Park Meijer store. I have written to you a couple of the times but I keep having the same problems. I was […]

 I purchased two lunch boxes for my ten year old and six year old at Meijer. There was a 10% yellow sign that stated “all other juvenile licensed lunch bags.” The price of each lunch box was $9.99. There were several different sizes, shapes, colors and different names of these lunch boxes, none of which […]

I just got home from doing my grocery shopping at Meijers in Ypsilanti, Michigan. On the front of their weekly sale paper, it stated: 24-pack cans or two 8-pack bottles Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew 12 oz. cans or .5 liter bottles. All varieties. Limit 2. Plus deposit where applicable…$4.88, with additional […]

While shopping at the Canton, MI, Meijer store, I purchased 3 different 1/2 gallons of chocolate milk. One was sugar free, one low fat, and one was regular chocolate milk. All three rang up at 3.72. I did not pay attention, as a few weeks ago the chocolate milks were all $1.99. I know prices […]

A Michigan residents asks how often the law allows a customer to take advantage of the scanner law. Dear Mrs. Hall: I just found your website after searching google for information about Michigan’s scanner law. About a month ago I found a food item at Meijer marked 3.49. (Both a sticker on the item itself […]

I was recently shopping at the Meijer store here in Battle Creek, Michigan and had picked up a toy for my son that was marked $5.99. I thought I was getting a great deal considering the size of the toy. When I went to purchase it, it scanned at $25.99. I thought that they had […]

I have not been able to find frozen yogurt at my local Meijer store for three months. I have requested that the store buy more, but nothing has been done. Recently, Breyers introduced a fat free brand of ice cream that is low in calories and tastes very good, too. I asked my Meijer store […]

Just yesterday, I was charged the regular price for a pillow at Meijer even though the Sunday ad showed it was on sale for eight dollars less. Fortunately, I saw the twenty dollar item simply listed as “Counts” at the top of the receipt. When I called Meijer a few minutes ago, they simply said […]

My daughter and I were shopping and bought a box of diapers that were marked $18.49. On the way home, she realized that they charged her $19.99 for the box. She called the store and they said to bring in the receipt and they will give her the money she was overcharged. I would like […]

I am totally disgusted with Meijer in Three Rivers, and will be happy when Walmart opens up because as far as I am concerned I will not trade there any more. I took back two shirts that my husband bought for me, and they did not fit me right, so I went to exchange them. […]

I would like to thank everyone who has written in with their shopping stories and apologize for not getting them posted in a timely manner. I was prepared to get them up today when another matter came up that I feel I must share with you all. On December 5th I ordered a $50 gift […]

I’d just like to post a warning for those shopping at Meijer in Three Rivers, Michigan. It seems that in some areas of the store they like to post the sale signs above the sale items and in some areas they post them below the sale items. I worked in retail for many years and […]