I’d just like to post a warning for those shopping at Meijer in Three Rivers, Michigan. It seems that in some areas of the store they like to post the sale signs above the sale items and in some areas they post them below the sale items. I worked in retail for many years and […]

I was at Target and purchased some Jolly Ranchers that had a sign posted that they were on sale for $.99. After I had paid, I was looking at the receipt and noticed I was charged $1.69 for them. I let the check-out clerk know but she said I would have to go to customer […]

How to appease the clerk at your store. After reading several articles about poor retail experiences, I felt the need to share several things on the subject. Before I begin, some background is in order. I have two years experience in retail, one at a franchise pizza restaurant, and another year at a major chain […]

I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it is time for the advertisement for school supplies. I think the ad you show of the boy with the pencils up his nose and the boys throwing paper wads around the room is unbecoming of a store like yours, for young children to view. We have enough […]

Wal Mart is not just shaping the way we have to shop. They are now controlling manufacturers and how to make products! Cheap, cheap, cheap are the three words I can put forth as an employee of a manufacturing company that will do anything to maintain a low cost to ensure Wal Mart profits! Manufacturers […]

The morning of Dec 18, 2005, at Circuit City in Troy, MI, I went to purchase a TV Adaptor for my Laptop. This Hauppauge WinTV USB2 1020 adaptor was advertised at $39.99 after $40 manufacturers & $20 Circuit City mail-in rebates (see side image). When I saw the product on display, the display tag indicated […]

This is certainly an interesting website. I’m writing because I have been Meijer employee for eight and a half years and I have a few things I’d like to say. One of the things I have always wondered about, as an employee is this: What responsibility does a customer have to make sure that they […]