Dear Sprouts, I have to tell you, though it’s been days since our trip down to Sprouts in Modesto I am still very upset. I checked your website and NOWHERE could I find any information that you require shoppers to wear a mask. We drove all the way from Twain Harte to visit your store. Had we known about masks being required even for those with health conditions that prevent wearing face coverings we never would have made the trip. I just want to point a few things out to you…

I was very excited to see that our local Taco Bell was open inside. Until I ate there.

Today, I want to talk about the stuff you’ve ordered and never returned, but should have.  You know what I’m talking about.  Not only do companies pay good money to have their products tested, they want their products to make it to the warranty period, but not much further.

Hydrogen Peroxide has some really neat functions and has some really neat health benefits, for some people.  I absolutely love hydrogen peroxide therapy, it makes me feel more alive and vibrant. I can breath better. My husband hates it and doesn’t want to be around it. I bought some 35% Food Grade off Amazon, from […]

If you have breathing issues, you are not alone. Since the spraying of the skies have been stepped up, the air quality has gotten worse.  Without oxygen, we die, plain and simple. Don’t be tricked into buying over the counter drugs or going to the doctor. You can do a lot to help your situation. […]

I had no idea just what a variety of ingredients are included in chocolate milk. When I found that carrageenan was bad for you, I swear, I found it everywhere. What is Carrageenan? Is Carrageenan Safe? Many people are also confused by the organic labels. The green organic label, is supposed to mean it’s 100% […]

When I bought it, I tried looking up everything I could about it. I was impressed with the fact that it comes with it’s own cookbook, which I have used.

Why should you consider an eco-friendly burial? I guess that all depends on what your objective is. Certainly, it’s cheaper than buying a casket, a vault and embalming. Don’t forget the funeral parlor, the directors services and all the extras. It can run you well over $10,000. Did you know there are alternatives? In Traverse […]

When I was growing up my grandmother was a very shrewd shopper. I remember we always had Watkins brand items around the house. We used Watkins liniment. Kind of strange the things we remember from our childhood, but that liniment was used almost everyday. I grew up using their lotions and the vanilla — always […]

Did you know California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning microbeads. Hurrah for us.  Apparently, they have been putting little plastic beads in personal care items, no one told me. I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around this one.  We have been begging them to ban GMO’s or at the very least, label […]

You’ve seen it a thousand times, this is bad for you, that’s bad for you. You know you need to make a change but how? Our family struggles too, from eating too much fast food, to struggling with the effects of toxic chemicals. When you can barely afford to keep food on the table, what […]

You know how you just sit and gnaw on something all day? This afternoon, I was driving to MPO in Columbia, California​, and I’m listening to an am radio station. They were talking about termites and this lady is saying, “just do it, don’t even think about it.” She’s referring, of course to using pesticides […]

Or how not to get taken for a ride on Amazon. Let me say up front, I am a very frequent online purchaser. I buy online almost exclusively from Amazon. I am also a seller on Amazon and find it easy to give gifts this way, my profits often going toward a birthday gift. Navigating […]

Don’t you ever wonder how Walmart’s low prices and low wages translates into billions of dollars in profits? Every time you shop at their stores, you are making a decision, a vote of confidence in your food.  You are what you eat, it sustains us and makes us healthy or sick. View image | […]