Faulty Computer Sales
Posted: 2005-11-30. Categories: CompUSA, Ohio, Retail Stores

You bought your baby in 1999, she’s been good to you but lately she’s been running a little sluggish. “Roxy” as you lovingly call her just can’t cut the mustard anymore. What do you do? How do you replace a dear friend?

Do you purchase a new Compaq, an Apple iMac G5, or a snazzy new HP Pavillion N5415 Notebook? Where can I get the best price? There are so many questions that need answers. “Roxy” has been a treasure, I don’t want to settle for a machine that just won’t measure up to her reliablity.

In this section we discuss CompUSA computer purchasing problems and how to avoid getting ripped off by shifty sales staff only interested in only making a buck at your expense. You can learn from other shoppers mistakes.

CompUSA Sells Sour Apple iMac G5

Hi Annette,

I went into CompUSA in September 2005 to buy an Apple iMac G5. The salesman told me they had a floor model that was out of the box — on display for a period of 3-months and they would discount the computer for me and give me an additional year of warranty coverage on the machine.

The machine ran pretty well at first, then 3-months later the machine had problems and began making a loud grinding sound then freezing up on me. I took it in to the Apple store and found that they had sold me a bad disk with system 10 (Tiger) on it.

The clerk at Apple suggested I get the apple care package on the machine, extending the coverage for three years. I told them I had an extra year warranty that came with the machine.

The store clerk looked it up and I found out this wasn’t the case at all. I only had until December 30, 2005 left on the warranty. So I called Apple to get the Apple Care program to only find out that this machine had a previous owner and the machine is a lemon that had many documented problems with it.

I called the store manager and he blew me off.

I called the corporate office for CompUSA and they told me all I can do is fill out a report and submit it to the store manager where I purchased the machine.

I am still in the middle of this battle with CompUSA but I want Retail Bandit readers to be aware of CompUSA’s policies. They will not help you at all.

Now I am probably going to have to get a lawyer to write a letter. I will never purchase anything form CompUSA again!

Someone in Ohio who is really hates CompUSA!

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Someone in Ohio,

    Thank you for sharing your warning to other potention CompUSA shoppers.

    Have you considered contacting the Ohio Attorney General’s Office? They should be able to help you. In most states it is illegal to misrepresent consumer goods, even if they are on sale. This website should provide you with more helpful information.

    Happy Holidays,