Accidents Happen
Posted: 2006-02-19. Categories: Indiana, Retail Stores, Target

So long as it doesn’t happen at Target! An angry shopper shares her story about one penny-pinching manager, who would rather risk a lawsuit, than replace a pair of shoes.

While entering the Target store at Muncie, Indiana, my Mom, almost fell because her heel was unknowingly caught in a round hole in the entrance door floor.

It jerked her leg and foot and made a horrible noise. It stuck so badly it almost made her fall down and pulled the shoe right off her foot. When she was able to regain her balance, with my help… and to check to see what had happened, she pulled her shoe loose from the hole and looked at the shoe, only to find it was badly torn on both sides and the heel was loose and had dig marks in it.

She had purchased the shoes from Target about 2 weeks before and this was the first time she had worn them. The girl at the courtesy booth had been standing there watching us, but never offered to help or see if she was injured or anything.

So we decided that we should report this accident to the courtesy booth anyway, because we didn’t want this or something much worse to happen to anyone else. The girl at the courtesy counter said that she didn’t know what to do but would try to find a manager. She said they were all on break so she didn’t know whom to call.

She paged 2 or 3 different people and none of them came, so then she called for Mike Nimmo. When he finally arrived he looked angry that he had to come to the front of the store. We explained what had happened and showed him the hole. He said that he was very sorry that this had happened to her and that he was sorry about her shoe but there was nothing he could do about it.

My dad asked if they could replace the shoe, since she had just recently purchased it at Target and they had more in stock on the shelf. Mike said that he had already realized that it was a Target shoe when he had looked at it, but that it didn’t matter, they could not replace it. My dad told him they should at least fix that hole, to prevent anyone else from having the same type of accident.

Mike said there was nothing that could be done about the hole, as it was part of the door mechanism. My dad told him that Target was still responsible for it and they should be glad that my mom wasn’t seriously injured or had fallen. Mike would not budge an inch and didn’t seem to care about any of it. He only seemed to be angered to be bothered.

We could not believe that a manager would not be interested in avoiding future accidents. We also couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t be happy to replace the shoe (which were on clearance still) to avoid a potential lawsuit. My dad asked if there were another manager he could speak to or someone over Mike that could do something about it.

He said no, he was the only manager working. He did finally give us a toll free number where we could complain, which turned out to just be a thing from a comment card… one of those kinds of numbers where you call and just push buttons forever, never really talking to anyone but make your complaint by number. So that was of no help either, just a tactic in an attempt to appease us I guess.

So now I’m online searching for an email address where I can complain about this episode and haven’t found any yet. We also were thinking afterwards, that Mike didn’t even fill out an accident report or ask my mom if she were hurt. He never even took down our names or anything! What kind of manager is that??? My dad told him that he had lost all our family as customers.

Mike just said well, I’m sorry about that …again! GRRRRRR! It makes me so infuriated. I’m just thankful that my mom did not fall or get seriously injured! I just needed to vent and see if anyone here has any further ideas or thoughts on this.

Thanks for listening.
An Angry Ex-Target Customer

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Angry Ex-Customer

    I certainly don’t blame you for being frustrated and upset with Target. I know it may be of little comfort but you are not alone. I found another site who has received numerous complaints about Target.

    Consumer Affairs has this to say on their website regarding Target:

    Their stores are big and bright and somehow more “upscale” than Wal-Mart or Kmart. But behind that chipper-looking exterior lurks a company that can be downright mean-spirited when its customers run into even the slightest problem.

    Target’s spiteful returns and exchanges policy, in particular, is making it the target of some pretty heated rhetoric from its former customers.

    In my opinion it’s going to take every customer who has ever had a problem with Target policies to file a complaint, before they finally decide to make some changes. You’ll be happy to know that our family refuses to shop at Target, because of many of the complaints we’ve received here at Off The Shelf.

    I am not familiar at all with Indiana’s laws regarding accident reports. However, most states require retailers to record an incident report on all accidents occuring on their premises. You should probably research this more. If you are unable to find the law which pertains to this incident, you might try calling your Attorney General’s Office.

    Lastly, after an extensive search, I was finally able to locate a couple of numbers and an online form where you can actually reach a person at Target, in order to make your complaint.

    You can call toll free 1-800-591-3869, please be advised this number is only good from 7 am until 6 pm, Monday – Friday, the recording did not give a time zone.

    Best wishes on resolving your issue. Please let us know how they resolve this issue and what you find out about Indiana law governing accident reports. If you can find out who provides their liability insurance, I’m sure they would be interested in your story.

    Best of luck!