Bad Attitude in Houston
Posted: 2006-07-22. Categories: Restaurants, Subway, Texas

I had a horrible experience yesterday at the Subway Sandwiches & Salads located on W. TC Jester Blvd., Houston, Texas location. I went in with my son and a friend to have dinner.

I asked the young lady that was working what the daily special was and she didn’t respond. She just pointed at the meat items. So, I asked her again and she did the same thing.

I felt like I was inconveniencing her by being there and asking her questions about the special. Right off the bat she had a horrible attitude. On top of that I asked for a cup of water and she charged me for bottled water. When she rang up the total and told me what the charge was, I asked her if she had charged me for bottle water and she said no.

I was very frustrated with her attitude, so I asked my friend to ask the young lady for the receipt because the total just seemed too high. The receipt confirmed the extra charge. After my son was finished eating I asked him to go and get our money back for the charge of the bottled water. She started fussing with me from across the room in front of all the customers.

I told this young lady that I would be contacting her manager in the morning and she said she didn’t care because she wasn’t going to get fired.

I will never go back to that location to eat and I will be sure that all my co-workers know what a horrible experience I had at this particular location. This young lady also had friends hanging out there. I think that she was more interested in servicing them and giving them free food instead of taking care of paying customers.


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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Margaret,

    I’ve noticed that a large number of Subway restaurants seem to be owned by foreigners from the Middle East, who hire people with poor language and communication skills. The clerk probably couldn’t even understand English.

    Our family has found a way to deal with this. When we encounter business people who obviously are not qualified for the job they are hired to do, we leave and take our business elsewhere. The same goes for those support people on the other end of the telephone that we all struggle to comprehend. We simply hang up and try that call again.

    My theory is that if customers demand that businesses hire employees who at the very least can communicate in English, maybe they will stop hiring people who only serve to frustrate or lives.

    Yes, I realize it’s a drop in the bucket but I believe in doing my part to stop the hijacking of the American way of life.

    Thanks for submitting your story.