Dump Scanner Law
Posted: 2006-07-11. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

Dump the Michigan Scanner Law

I work at a grocery store, not Meijer, but somewhere else, and I can’t wait till they get rid of the scanning law because too many people abuse it.

A handful of people will ruin it for the rest of the population. I had a guy today try and use it on two different items and two different times, I believe trying not to get me both times, but he was unlucky. The law is going to be taken out of the law in the near future, so that will be nice for the retailers and the associates, but I know it won’t be good for the comsumer.

Michigan is also the only state that has the scanning law, so I guess I would say that you should be happy that you can get it on the items that are priced a certain price and they rang up another. I am not saying I disagree with you and that you in a sense “wasted your time” because you did and I would have been irritated too.

If you ask the cashier to show you the Michigan Law, they are supposed to let you see it. So you can always ask to see it, to see if you were right or wrong. The next time you will know if it was worth it or not, though now I know is a little late to tell you that.

I hope that you are not offended or upset about anything I have said, I just thought I would voice my opinion.!


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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    I really don’t understand how someone could “abuse” the scanner law. It’s pretty straight-forward. Either an item was priced correctly or it wasn’t. Either the customer was overcharged or they weren’t. There isn’t much gray area there.

    Personally, I wish more states had a scanner law — or at least one that was written a little clearer than Michigan’s law. It’s a shame that customers are being ripped off millions of dollars each year and state legislators don’t care enough to do anything about it.

    I am curious to know where your information comes from though. Do you have inside information regarding the scanning law that our readers should know about? What is your source?

    As far as upsetting me… not to worry, I’m happy you posted your comments. This site isn’t about me. It’s about consumers getting a fair shake – as in – getting what they pay for.

    Thanks for your comments. I look forwarding to hearing more about the abolition of the scanner law.