Employee Training and Retraining
Posted: 2006-07-18. Categories: Wal-mart

I am a stay at home mom and I am out shopping or online all the time-just ask my husband who pays all the bills.

Normally, most associates I encounter during the days are very nice and polite. I have never complained to a store manager until recently.

Back on June 21 while shopping in Walmart my 3 yrs old son wanted a ball so I told him to pick out a ball that he wanted from the rack. He went over to the rack, pulled out a ball, bounced it once on the floor. At that time a Walmart employee came up behind him and yelled “You do not bounce the ball in the store.”

Needless to say my son was so startled and scared and ran to me hysterical crying. I complained to the store manager and wanted an apology. I was told the employee will be spoken to but no apology. I explained to the manager the employee should have spoke to me, not my 3yr old.

Well, when I told my husband what happened he flipped. He left work and went to Walmart to speak with the manager. Nothing was accomplished but my husband was escorted out by the police. They tried to give my husband a $25.00 gift card. My husband refused to accept it and he was told to leave the store.

I called Walmart corporate headquarters and filed a complaint. I was told someone would contact me within a couple of days. They never did. I dropped the issue.

Now today when I went to the store the same employee approached me and told me he should have taken me to court for a 1/2 day lost wages because he was sent home due to discipline.

He also made threats against my husband that he should watch his back. When I complained to corporate today I was once again was told someone would call me back.

I have no idea what else to do at this time.

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  1. Amy Anonymous says:

    I would have done two things – said “so sue me!”

    There is NO way that he could have sued you. Lawsuits are harder than you think to win – and if a plaintiff is wrong in a civil suit, then s/he can be sued for treble damages.

    I would have also called 911 immediately for breaching the peace, threats of violence, and a restraining order should have been placed on him. If he has the capacity for violent acts.

    Then I would have told the officer to use a different address as the plaintiff’s address, because the defendant can then pull the police report as a person directly involved, and obtain your address that way. It’s really scary.

    I’ve had my work address used before.