Exempt from Scanner Law
Posted: 2006-07-23. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

On July 7th, 2006 I went to buy a few things at Meijers. One of my items scanned wrong and I noticed this before getting into my car. I took the item and the sign for this item to the service counter.

The price that was stamped on the package of the english muffins did say $2.59 but the sign under it said it was on sale with the date and the price of $1.69. I gave this to the girl at the service counter. She informed me that it was not a scan refund since it was not marked on the package. I do not understand why it would make a difference since the sign plainly stated the dates, brand and amount.

Isn’t it about time that the scanner refund law be amended so the stores cannot play games?

From now on I will never ever tell a cashier a price has scanned wrong if it is in my favor. I have many times before but after the games they like to play, I guess it can be played by the customers too.

They also fail to mark many of the items in the store. Isn’t there a law stating items are to be marked but a few things like maybe eggs or some frozen items?

Thank You,
J. Bird

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear J. Bird,
    Under Michigan Law …

    445.353 Sec. 3.
    (3) … a retailer may choose to not individually price mark not more than 25 classes of items or individual items which classes or items shall be listed and posted in a conspicuous place in the retail store, and may choose to not individually price mark not more than 25 additional classes of items or individual items which are advertised or featured at a reduced price.
    (see Michigan Scanner Law)

    This is where the confusion lies, in this section…

    445.360a Section applicable to sale at retail; conditions; conditions to bringing or joining in action; exception.
    Sec. 10a.
    (1) Except as provided in subsection (3), this section applies to a sale at retail which meets all of the following conditions:

    (a) There is a price stamped on or affixed to the item.

    In other words, stores are allowed not to individually price up to 25 “Classes of items” under the scanner law (445.360a Sec. 10a (2) (see Michigan Scanner Law).

    This is an exemption from pricing the individual items, not an out from adhering to the scanner law as I once thought.

    You have the right to file a complaint under current law (see Michigan Scanner Law).

    Michigan stores have been thumbing their nose at the law since it was passed by the legislature. They have no incentive to correct the scanning errors, so long as there are no penalties under the law.

    Moral of the story? Check your receipt before you leave the store. Take the time to file a complaint and be sure to keep us informed. There is no need to suffer in silence.