Over-Charge at Local Grocer
Posted: 2006-07-09. Categories: Michigan

I was in my local grocery store yesterday and was over charged by $40.78.

I should have known at the time that three little bags of groceries doesn’t normally cost me $84.78! Needless to say, I was in a major hurry and didn’t take the time to look over the receipt….. I just today I pulled out my receipt and added it up carefully on my adding machine, sure enough, an over charge of $40.78.

I plan to take it in tomorrow and ask the manager to help me with the issue. On my receipt they charged me $40.78 for one item of produce! I know prices have gone up, but good golly! I bought three ears of corn and some {reduced} scallions and two peaches. I cannot understand how this happened?

I am wondering if I should try to ask for the “bounty” on this overage?

Silver in U.P. of MI.

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Silver,

    Produce items are encoded into the machine normally. Someone in the produce department really messed on this one. This is a prime example of why you should always check your receipt before leaving the store.

    As for the scanner bounty. Since most produce items are rarely scanable, it’s most likely a coding error on the part of the cashier or the person who checks in the produce. You can try but I’d be surprised if you were successful.

    Do bring this to the managers attention. I’m just wondering how many more people have been ripped off because of this “error?”

    Thanks for writing and please – Remember to check your receipt in the future!