Patience Tested
Posted: 2006-08-10. Categories: New York, Target, Wal-mart

Glenville, New York Walmart

My husband and I went to Walmart on Sunday to purchase a new vacuum, and in the process we filled a grocery cart. We went to the vacuum section looked at all the vacuums and decided upon the Bissell Powerforce 12 Amp Vac, it had a sign above, which read “Bissell Powerforce 12AMP, Black, $39.88.”

We thought that was a good buy. We get up the register and the product gets rung up and comes up $49.92. We tell the cashier that the price was marked $39.88. She said that since I had already swiped my charge card we would have to go to service desk and that they would help us.

I ran over to personally check once again that we did have the right vacuum. While I was over by the vacuums I could hear on the overhead, “Housewares please call …” I waited for a second then head back over to the service desk to tell my husband, yes the price was right – $39.88.

When I got back he said that the girl just went over and points to her, she was walking the wrong way, So I ran back to the vacuum section figuring that she must have had to do something first. I waited for about 5 minutes, no girl showed up to check the price. Finally, I decide to just bring the sign up front to solve the problem.

The moment the customer service clerk sees me she says, “Oh, no that sign is referring to another vacuum.” I say it is the Bissell Powerforce Black 12 Amp, there is no other. She says oh yes, let me show you where the price says $49.92. I say no let me show you where the sign was.

So I walk back over the vacuum section and show her, she tells me that the vacuum we have was on the end. I say no I will show you and there are others there as well. We get in the aisle I point out where the sign was, first she says that the sign refers to the vacuum above it, a red one. I say that is not the powerforce and it is red. Then she says “I was just over here about 10 minutes ago and that sign was not there, you must have moved it.”

I was like what? I said well why don’t you pull out your videos and show me where I moved it. I stormed back upfront, and told my husband that we are not buying anything from here. She follows me up and starts to argue with me again. I again point to the vacuum showing that it is the Bissel Powerforce 12 Amp Black Vacuum and asked her to show me where on the sign it shows that I am wrong.

So she says you don’t want any of the stuff? I say nope not buying anything from a place that falsely advertises and is rude to customers.

She walks over to the manager, who turns out to be the store manager and tells him that she needs to do a void that we think we were overcharged and we weren’t and now we want to return everything. He is within 4 feet from us so he knows what is going on.

We walk over to the register to do the void, she keeps the original receipt, goes in the back gives us a copy and next to it, it says that the transaction will be flagged for void. We left and went to Target where we bought a lot more stuff.

Monday comes and I call the corporate office to complain, the customer service representative said that she would forward the complaint to the store. Each day we are checking our bank account, we were charged for the stuff and not refunded.

Wednesday we get a call from one of the managers who says for us to drive to the store with our card and that he will refund it and to bring the paper we were given.

We walk up to service desk saying that the manager told us to come before 10pm, she says well what is the managers name, and starts to give us a hard time, where is your receipt, etc… The manager comes up, argues with us about the void being done and that it must be our banks problem.

I explain to him how I spoke to the bank 3 times and that the transaction was not reversed or refunded. He tells us that it is our bank and that they like to hold customers money and that if their system shows it as voided it is voided.

So he give us a $25 gift card for our time and gas. I don’t know what he makes as a manager but I can tell you that my time, which is now up to 2.5 hours is worth way more than $25 gift card.

So the sega continues, I am down $80 and am even more aggravated.

Michele regarding
Glenville, New York store

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Michele,

    I sometimes wonder where these people were trained in customer service skills or if they were trained for that matter.

    I’m sorry to hear about your mishap with Walmart and the trouble you’ve had getting your money refunded.

    There should be a number on the back of your credit card that you can call to have the charge reversed and file a complaint. I’ve had plenty of reversals by Walmart and they normally show up at my bank within two days.

    Something is fishy here. Please keep us posted on your resolution. I wonder if others in New York have had similar problems?

    Best wishes,