Kiss My Patootie
Posted: 2006-09-12. Categories: Albertson's, Utah, Wal-mart

I was a shopper at the local Wal-Mart here in Tooele, Utah.

Over the past 10 months I’ve lived here, I’ve been slowly getting more disgusted with their total lack of customer service.

The other day I bought plants at Wal-Mart only to have the associate stand there and watch me load them into my cart, then try to get it through the door, which he didn’t even open for me. Their lack of item pricing, their associates lack of knowledge regarding pricing, and their rudeness when you ask questions are beyond comprehension.

Today took the cake.

My husband and I had the day off together and went out to lunch. Since he was driving, I had a couple of drinks. On the way home we stopped off to pick up dog food. He told me to nab a 6-pack for him while I was in there.

The cashier refused to sell me the beer because she smelled alcohol on my breath. I told her of lunch and my husband in the car outside. It didn’t matter… no beer.

Still in shock, I paid for the dog food and left. When I told my husband of what had just happened, he was just as shocked and flabbergasted as myself.

First, lousy customer service and rude associates. Now being narrow-minded and judgemental?

The local Albertson’s here have a steady customer now, and Wal-Mart can kiss my patootie good-bye!


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