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Posted: 2006-09-15. Categories: Michigan, Target

I was at Target and purchased some Jolly Ranchers that had a sign posted that they were on sale for $.99. After I had paid, I was looking at the receipt and noticed I was charged $1.69 for them.

I let the check-out clerk know but she said I would have to go to customer service.

I went to the customer service desk and the clerk verified with a stock clerk that they were indeed $.99. I proceeded to tell her that I wanted the scanners error and she informed me that would not apply because there was not a price tag on the item.

I told her that the sign above the merchandise had the price as $.99 and they scanned as $1.69 and that is a scanner error. I informed her that there was plenty of people who probably did not notice their receipt and they were being ripped off.

She was very calm and said again “if it is not marked on the package the law does not apply.”

My reply was why would any retailer mark anything!! I had never heard of this and neither did another customer that was witnessing the conversation. Is this true?

Royal Oak

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Tracy,

    There are several ways to interpet the portion of the law, which deals with pricing.

    The Michigan Attorney General has given his opinion and some people are satisfied with his interpretation of the law. Others are not and have expressed their opinion freely on Off The Shelf.

    After having reviewed the law many times, I am of the opinion that while the law allows stores to “not” mark 25 classes of items, most stores are not following the law and have many more classes of items not marked than what the law allows. Just because the law allows them not to mark an item individually, does not exempt them from following the spirit of the law, which provides for a reward, when an item rings up wrong.

    This issue will never be fully settled until the Michigan Legislator either corrects the law as it is written, repeals the law or it is settled in court once and for all.

    I get this very same question in one form or another several times a week and I’ve answered it over and over again on Off The Shelf.

    My advice to every shopper who faces this situation is that you complain to the manager. If you put up a fuss they will honor the scanning law provisions.

    I would also recommend you check the stores you frequent most often. Are they in compliance with the law, which exempts them from marking 25 classes of items. Most stores are not in compliance. Complain to your Attorney General’s office and demand an investigation.

    Those who want more information please visit the Michigan section of this website, where you will find links to the law, along with explanations (not just mine) and information on how and where to complain.