Meijer: Three Rivers, MI
Posted: 2006-10-27. Categories: Meijer, Michigan, Three Rivers

I’d just like to post a warning for those shopping at Meijer in Three Rivers, Michigan.

It seems that in some areas of the store they like to post the sale signs above the sale items and in some areas they post them below the sale items.

I worked in retail for many years and was told that you always put the sale sign below the item that is on sale. For instance, I was shopping for 8 oz. shredded cheese in Meijer and the sign for 3/$5 was posted above the item, so naturally my eye looked up above the sign only to find the 12 oz. cheese which was not on sale.

This Meijer store has done this ever since they opened just a few years ago so I am always conscious of this. I wonder how many people were overcharged without realizing it because of this. I think the same rule should apply throughout the store. You pick whether the sign goes above or below and follow that for everything.

Another thing they like to do is to put a bunch of things on an end cap and then put a big sign above that states — $2 and up, but they don’t individually sign everything on the end so you never know what the price is. You assume that since it’s on and end cap it’s on sale, but that is not always the right thing to assume.


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