CA: Papa John’s

Papa John’s Pizza, 7340 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Our family spent Thanksgiving with family in beautiful Alleghany, CA, a six-hour drive from our home. We had a wonderful time visiting, playing with the dog and playing a game called “CashflowCashflow.”

The trip was perfect, until we were about halfway home. Since we live in a small mountain community ourselves, we always try to frequent the businesses we enjoyed the most, whenever we can. While living in Citrus Heights, one of our favorite pizza joints was Papa John’s.

So we decided to stop off on our way home and pick up a pizza pie from Papa John’s, since we don’t have one anywhere near our home in Twain Harte. We pulled up at 11:15 p.m. on Friday night and were very relieved to find that they were still open for business.

That relief was short lived. When we tried the door we were a little concerned to find that it was locked. Since we didn’t see anyone around we knocked on the door, then beeped our vehicle’s horn. A delivery driver walked up just then from the parking lot and informed us that they were closed.

I pointed out the well-lit “Open” sign in the window, only to be told that they were only making deliveries. So, we asked if we could order one and have it “delivered” to the parking lot. We tried to explain that we used to live around the corner about six years ago and that we were really looking forward to a genuine “Papa John’s” pizza.

I still can’t believe his response. It was a simple, “Sure you did.”

He said he could check with the manager for us and we thanked him, only to have him return 30 seconds later, when he promptly informed us, that even though it is plain we were not a security risk; it was store policy and he could not make an exception.

So, here we are standing in front of an obviously “open for business” Papa John’s, yet we could not purchase a pizza because our home was 3.5 hours away and they refused to deliver that far.

I can’t tell you how disappointed we were. After having talked about getting a Papa John’s pizza for three days – to be so close – only to be refused the ability to purchase one seemed just a little too cruel to us.

Since it was too late to eat at Arby’s, another favorite fast food joint of ours, my son settled on Wienerschnitzel. The hubby and I decided to have Wendy’s, since by the time we stopped stewing over our misfortune it was past midnight, even Taco Bell was now closed.

If you have a favorite pizza joint, please share it with us here because we are in the market for a new favorite pizza joint. Though we have extolled Papa John’s to many we are not feeling very generous toward them at this time and will be spending our dollars elsewhere in the future.

I will miss Papa John’s.

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