Clerk Charges for Gasoline Spill
Posted: 2006-11-29. Categories: Indiana, Meijer

While filling my tank at a Meijer gas station here in Greenwood, IN, I proceeded to clean my windshield. After cleaning windshield, I discovered gas pouring out of my tank because the gas nozzle had stuck.

The store manager told me it was my fault that their equipment malfunctioned. I must have pumped at least $25-$30 worth of gas on the pavement. (Not much at $2.59 a gal). The manager refused to reimburse me anything.

If I hadn’t already paid “up front” with a credit card, I would have just deducted the spilt gas money when I paid clerk. I think if she thought she could have gotten away with it, she would have charged me for cleaning up her pavement.

She was rather rude.

Larry Heck

Categories: Indiana, Meijer
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2 Comments to "Clerk Charges for Gasoline Spill"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Mr. Heck,

    Thanks for sharing your shopping story. I recommend that you contact the general manager and make a complaint, both against the employee who was so rude to you and in regards to the faulty equipment.

    If the manager refuses to credit you with at least a portion of the amount of the spill, you can contest the charges with your credit card company. They will do an investigation into the matter, at which time the store may back down.

    If this does not bring satisfactory results, contact the Department of Weights and Measures for Indiana, there are very strict laws that any gasoline station must follow. The laws are different in each state but a clerk at the Department of Weights and Measures should be able to point you in the right direction.

  2. Larry Heck says:

    This matter has been resolved to my satisfaction. I appreciate your response.

    My local store reimbursed me with a $25 gift card and the Greenwood store did the same. (By the way, I took matter up with my credit card company and they would not help me at all).

    I registered enough complaints with Miejer corporation that they finally resolved the complaint.

    Larry Heck