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Posted: 2006-11-12. Categories: Retail Stores, Target

This regards Target’s exchange policy.

We received a pair of curtain rods as a gift from my wife’s daughter. She was unaware that we had just made plans to move into a different house where we would not need them.

When we attempted to exchange them but we did not have a receipt (since it was a gift) and were told that we could only exchange it for another item in the same department. This department is window treatments and we do not need any window treatments in the house. When we attempted to request using a different department we were told this is against store policy.

We have talked to numerous people in the store and called their 800 number which has simply parroted “That’s our policy” again and again! I and my wife have worked in retail management for many years and have never heard of such a thing! It demonstrates zero interest in helping their customers.

Thank you,
Michael Lee Davis

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Michael,

    It’s a shame that some companies are so unprofessional in their service techniques.

    I have a couple of suggestions:

    Try contacting your wife’s daughter, it’s possible she still has the receipt and would be willing to help you out, so that you may find a more functional gift.

    Alternatively, you might try visiting another Target store or even the same store at a different time of day. Just because the store has a certain policy, does not mean that all of their employees are against bending the rules a little. In fact, I would be surprised if all the customer service employees knew of all their policies.

    You’ve got nothing to lose but your time for your efforts.

    Lastly, unless it’s a Target branded item, you may find that another store who is more consumer oriented might be willing to return the item. I wouldn’t admit you know where it was purchased, let the clerk do the talking.

    Target seems to be getting a reputation for their lack of customer service skills. Be sure to take your business elsewhere, to a business that is more receptive of your needs.

    Best of luck!