MN: Subway Drama
Posted: 2006-11-20. Categories: Minnesota, Restaurants, Subway, Wal-mart

My husband and I ate at Subway today. Located at Walmart center in Rochester MN.

I had a coupon which stated “Free 6 inch or footlong sub with purchase of one of equal value or more.” The purchase had to include chips and 21 oz soda. I ordered a 6 inch and my husband ordered the footlong. We were charged $9.06.

I mentioned to the sales person that it seemed a bit much when one of the sandwiches was free. He argued that we had to buy either two 6 inch or two footlong.

I again pointed out the coupon wording and he became quite belligerant, saying we had to get two of the same. We were charged $1.19 for the soda and didn’t get any chips.

If a coupon is presented I feel the customers interpretation should be at least considered.

Pine Island, MN

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Betty,

    This entire problem could be solved if schools would simply teach children, to think for themselves and to comprehend what they read. Even if schools only taught one or the other we would all be in better shape.

    It’s obvious to me that the clerk didn’t understand what he was reading or didn’t bother to read the coupon at all. He was probably regurgitating what he was told by his trainer.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Did you walk out and leave the sandwiches or did you simply pay for them and not make a fuss?

    You really should consider contacting the store manager or better yet, complain to corporate.

    Try calling: (800) 888-4848

    Be sure to have your store number and receipt handy.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I don’t want to upset you. But as a retail manager, employees are taught when presented with a coupon, that it is there job to read, understand it and accept or reject it. If the coupon states exactly what you must purchase then that is what you must purchase. Computers are smart devices, they also read what the coupon is for as well as the order that is placed. If the order that is placed does not match the qualifications of the coupon then it will be rejected.

    Consumers get upset so easily and blame whom ever the employee is in front of them. When in all actuality if the consumer would read the sign, ad, coupon or etc. They would realize the stipulations.

  3. Retail Bandit says:

    Obviously, the clerk read something on the coupon that only he or she could read. I’m pretty fluent with English and when a coupon reads, “Free 6 inch or footlong sub with purchase of one of equal value or more.” I would take that to mean that a person could get a free 6 inch sub, if they purchased a footlong, simply because it costs more.

    Perhaps, the coupon had restrictions that I am not aware of but from where I sit, it seems to be pretty straight forward.

  4. Wendy says:

    On November 29th at approximately 7:15 pm, I was at the Subway on Delaware Ave., Marion Ohio.

    I ordered 1- foot long sub and 2- six inch subs. I had a coupon for 2- six inch subs with 2- drinks and chips for $7.99.

    The employee there refused the coupon by saying she can’t do that. The Coupon was good thru November 30. I then was told “too bad”. To top it off, I was then over charged for the subs I had ordered.

    Thanks to that, I will never go there again. My son and I usually go there about 3 times a week after we work out. I just wanted to tell someone and let Subway know that they just lost two previously loyal customers.

    Thanks for reading,
    Wendi in Ohio

  5. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Wendi in Ohio,

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Subway. Due be sure to complain to the manager. It does no good to simply stop frequenting their restaurant if they don’t know why.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.