Shopper Gets Basted
Posted: 2006-11-22. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

I have just returned from the grocery store in which I had a problem. Meijer is the store believe it or not. I went to purchase a Rival 18-Qt Roaster Oven with server for $28.99. I went and the store shelf was empty. I went around the corner and noticed a Rival 18-Qt Roaster Oven with basting set for $29.99.

The original one I set out to purchase is still the one I wanted, but I settled. I purchased the latter only to wonder why my bill was so high. I went to my car and unloaded my groceries. I proceeded out of the lot and stopped. I looked and found that they had charged me $49.99.

I turned around and brought the item back and went to customer service. I told them about the shelf tag (Big Sign) and they called back to the department. They returned to the phone and told the cashier that there was indeed a sign.

The cashier directed them to take the sign down. She said to me, “Okay, I will give it to you for that price.” I said and the amount of overcharge not going over 5 dollars?

She explained to me that this did not apply because the item price was not affixed to the item. Of course I was in non belief mode. She showed me this letter entitled, “Enroll Senate Bill 611.” I left that message on my telephone at home so I could look it up ASAP. I tried and couldn’t find it.

I searched for “Grocery Scanning Laws” and got your page first thing. I must say “Thank you.”

I’m still upset, but I am glad I didn’t have to keep searching for the truth.

Respectfully Thankful,
Olus Jones

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