Illegally Accosted
Posted: 2006-12-16. Categories: California, Costco, Gilroy, Wal-mart

I usually have had very little trouble with WalMart stores, but yesterday made me really mad!

My sister, husband and I went to the Gilroy, CA, Walmart – after having been shopping at other stores for hours buying Christmas gifts. I don’t expect great service or help at any stores anymore, so I won’t get into that.

What got me was as we were leaving I was stopped by an elderly door checker to produce my receipts. The problem was, we had several receipts, due to buying items separately for various other reasons, not to mention the ones I had from all those other stores.

There was a large line of people behind me; I didn’t set off the alarms, so I said, “No, this isn’t Costco. I didn’t pay a membership fee, and Action Line, from the local paper said I don’t have to stop.”

I was yelled at, told this WAS like Costco, and that I was a thief. I kept on going toward the door and another elderly door checker came into my face yelling at me to stop. I just kept going waiting for security to slam me into the ground or something, but the ladies just ignored the others in the exit lines to come yell at me.

I won’t be back to Wal-mart stores again. It is sooo not worth it.

Shawn N. Machado,

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Shawn,

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience at Walmart. Certainly, these employees over-stepped their bounds and should be held accountable for their actions.

    You are never required to stop for store employees, for any reason. It is illegal for them to detain you, even if you were stealing from their store.

    They can request that you stop but they are not allowed to do anything if you refuse, except call the police.

    As for COSTCO, I allowed my membership to expire with them years ago because COSTCO kept increasing their membership rates. However, unless, their membership contract specifically requires members to stop at the door for “inspection,” as a condition of membership, they cannot require you to halt at the door.

    Do note however, if you do not stop to have your receipt highlighted by a staff member, it may be difficult to return an item, depending on store policy.

    Do be sure to make a complaint with the manager and consider putting in a call to the District Attorney’s office or your local Attorney General about the stores business practices.

    Thanks for sharing your horrific experience.