Sticker Madness
Posted: 2006-12-15. Categories: K-mart, Meijer, Target, Wal-mart

It had been my intention of posting a review of my new Magic Bullet, which I really loved using – until it broke.

I had been using it every single day to make healthy fruit drinks for my family, until three days ago, when I fired it up and it just quit. I could see the little metal shavings in the bottom, of the base unit; it was then I knew the unit was toast.

I took my Magic Bullet back to Wal-mart (I know, I know), two days ago. Unfortunately, my better half had packed up the machine and I left the recipe book sitting on my desk, so of course they refused to allow me to return it, until I produced the book.

Today I managed to make my way back down the hill to return the Magic Bullet; I even remembered the recipe book. However, today, unlike my first return trip, the “greeter” at the door kept shouting at me that I had to stop at the door to obtain a sticker for my return, which I promptly ignored. After all, the counter was empty; if I hurried I could get in and out, in no time at all.

Wouldn’t you know it, the customer service clerk even made me go back to the greeter for a return sticker? Needless to say, I was frustrated. I return stuff all the time at this Wal-mart, primarily because they sell crap but we don’t have a lot of shopping options here. I have only had one other item in the past four years “stickered.”

So, I dutifully returned to the greeter for my sticker, only to have her inform me that I must not have made a return at that store before. When I told her that I had indeed returned items to that store many times. She proceeded to tell me she had worked there for thirteen years and that it has always been their policy. She was very argumentative.

When I informed her that the other greeters apparently were not doing their job, this greeter did everything but call me a liar to my face. I was so frustrated by the time I finished my conversation with her that I decided against doing any shopping and promptly left the store. This greeter obviously was never properly trained in customer service techniques during her thirteen years of employment. In fact, I don’t know how she managed to last past her first week on the job.

Fortunately, the young lady at the customer service counter was very efficient, friendly and helpful. I complimented her on her efficiency and told her that is was nice to know that not all Wal-mart employees were idiots.

I won’t say that I will never again shop at Wal-mart but I would love to be able to do so. While I know that Target, K-mart and Meijer aren’t much better places to shop they couldn’t possibly be as bad as Wal-mart. Oh, how I wish we had more alternatives. I will continue to purchase as much as possible at our local grocery store and online sources.

I’m so happy I did most of my holiday shopping online and I won’t have to deal with the last minute shopping frenzy this year.

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1 Comment to "Sticker Madness"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Similar situation.

    I bought a flat-panel TV mount that some moron decided was too difficult to install – he must have returned it but kept the mounting hardware.

    Wal-Mart staff evidently didn’t inspect the return and put it back on the shelf for sale to an unsuspecting customer – me.

    I got the package home and learned quickly that the hardware was missing (should have checked at the store of course). I drove back to the store to return the item.

    The greeter’s back was turned as I entered – lucky for her as I was steaming mad. I knew the CSR at the return desk wasn’t at fault but I suggested they check items returned for completeness and in some cases simply return them to the vendor rather than taping them together and hanging them out for sale as ‘new.’

    Slightly calmer I headed for the exit and the greeter awaited me with arms folded.

    “Did you have a return?” she asked in Spanish-accented English.

    My blood went back to boil and I said “Yes.”

    She proceeded to quote chapter and verse about the need to stop and get a sticker affixed to returns.

    I responded: “I’ve spent 2 hours and half a tank of gas driving back and forth to your lovely establishment for an item which should never have been out for sale to begin with. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t care about your little sticker.”

    She went into excuse-making mode…it’s not her department etc. etc.

    I simply walked away while she continued her silly robotic hall monitor routine. I should have turned back around and upbraided her for yelling at me but my temper was already frayed and I didn’t trust myself.

    Once again a large company’s loss prevention system begins and ends with the assumption that their customers are there to rip them off – it’s neither healthy nor productive and in the case of a clear error by the store itself where is the recompense for the inconvenience experienced by its customers? Surely that has to be more important than some twit in a blue bib handing out stickers.