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Posted: 2007-02-12. Categories: Georgia, Wal-mart


Yes I am a man and I do believe that at least half the men in the US of A hate to shop at Wal-Mart. I’ve had several bad experiences with the store in Rincon, Georgia.

It started before my wife passed away in 2002. The wheel chair — when someone finally found one at the store didn’t have any feet supports. My wife had had a stomach cancer operation and it was rather hard on her. I lost my temper and it was suggested that I leave the store and my wife also.

I believe I talked to the area manager afterwards but still nothing was done. The two assistant managers one of which has a disabled child I’m told, were promoted. (A good way to assure good leadership and customer relations.) There are hardly ever enough “quick” lines open in the store at any time. And I for one am not going to use the “self check out line”. This is just another way to hire fewer employees and the customer does all the work. I will use the self-check-out when Mr. Walton starts giving say, a ten percent discount to the customer for using it. Is that asking too much?

Tonight February 12, 2007 at approximately nine o’clock I went in this same store to purchase three items. There were shopping carts all over the parking lot. I moved five of them to get a parking place. Placing them in the buggy parking area, which was overflowing.

I asked a supervisor to please have someone pick up the buggies. She said that most of the buggy movers had quit. I wonder why? It just couldn’t be the pay now could it??

Now I am a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer, and when I didn’t have enough men to do a job I was out helping others do it. In civilian life, I’ve held two supervisory jobs and again when the workers were all busy and a job needed done, I did what needed to be done, and no complaints.

So why can’t the store manager, assistant managers and associate managers do this when it’s needed? I have found in my sixty-eight years (fifty-one of those working years) that when something doesn’t run smoothly don’t look at the floor sweeper or the shelf stockers, look at management and work down.

Thank you for allowing me to vent my feelings about the Effingham County, Georgia, Wal-Mart Store. And you know it would probably be a good thing for Mr. Walton to read some of these stories. I know his Dad would have.

Thanks again,



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