Money for Nothing
Posted: 2007-02-03. Categories: Kroger

Kroger overcharges customer $40.70 for nothing…

Both my husband and myself shop at Kroger’s at least 3 times a week. I do the major large shopping list, which usually totals over $100.00. My husband just picks up odds and ends needed during the week.

Last week I noticed upon returning home my receipt was rather expensive for the items I bought. I looked over my receipt and noticed a charge of $40.70 for an item I didn’t buy. I returned to the store and explained I didn’t purchase any item worth that amount. The service desk person tried to figure out what the item was but was unable to.

She gave the explanation that the clerk must have keyed in this amount on the register as a mistake. I thought maybe I purchased an item at $4.70 and the clerk must have added an extra zero. However nothing I bought was at that price. I was refunded the $40.70 and that was it.

Seems to me I should have received something more back. I was appalled to think if I hadn’t checked my receipt I would have been out that money. I now wonder how many times this has happened to me over the last year.

This week I was charged for bologna that should have been on sale buy one get one free. I was given the $3.49 plus a $5.00 scanning fee for their mistake.

My husband was in the store yesterday and purchased cold medicine. It also was a buy one get one free item. However there was only one item left so he couldn’t get the free item. He thought he would get it at half price, which he was charged full price. In order to get it at half price he had to take it to the service desk and explain the situation. He received the item at half price.

It used to be that the buy one get one free items used to scan at half price in case you didn’t want the free item or in this case the item wasn’t available.

We both now diligently watch our receipts to make sure we no longer get overcharged. It’s hard to keep track of the scanner, especially if you are buying lots of items but I believe one should – as well as check your receipts. It sure can save oneself some grief when disputing overcharges. I’m getting tired of visiting the service desk. I wish they’d fix their scanners and restock the items that are on sale for the week.

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  1. Code 4070 is for celery says:

    You bought celery. The code 4070 is for celery, instead of hitting enter your cashier probably hit deli accidently because that is usually what seems to happen. Unfortunately, its not a scan rite, but at least they gave you the money back.

    A cashier at Mejiers did that with a produce item of mine and I took my reciept to the service desk and they made me pay for the produce I bought before refunding me back my money and in the end Mejier charged me for the produce and only gave me the difference back, so in the end I was charged twice for apples basically.

    Kroger is always great about mistakes like that when I go into the one in Gahanna, Ohio. They have a young lady, Sarah who is as great as can be about it, at the guest services. She not only refunded my money for a produce slip up but checked the receipt for the cashiers name called their register, and politely told him to try and slow down on the code inputs because he had made a mistake and had caused a customer some trouble. She appologized and I won’t lie I was pretty aggrevated about having to go to the guest services after a bad experience at Mejiers but Kroger market place has a great team where I live.