Hold Your Tongue
Posted: 2007-03-28. Categories: Kroger, Michigan
Juicy Tomatoes

I was in Kroger today and purchased two packages of tomatoes, marked at 2 for $4.00. During check-out, I noticed the tomatoes rang up incorrectly ($2.99 each). I informed the clerk and asked for the Michigan error scan refund.

I was told that since I notified her of the error and she could fix it at the register, I was not entitled to the 10 times the difference or $5.00. I asked her if I was correct in understanding that if I had simply kept my mouth shut when I noticed the items rang up incorrectly, that I could have taken my receipt up to the customer service desk and gotten my MI scanner law money.

She stated that was correct. CRAZY!!! What is the law in regards to this situation?

Lynne Pachoud
Hillsdale, MI

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Lynne,

    The clerk was absolutely correct. The exact same thing happened to me once at Kroger. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.

    The Michigan Scanner Law states:

    Before bringing or joining in an action as provided in section 10(2), within 30 days after purchasing an item, a buyer who suffers loss because the price charged for the item is more than the price stamped on or affixed to the item shall notify the seller in person or in writing that the price charged is more than the price stamped or affixed. The notice shall include evidence of the loss suffered by the buyer.

    You obviously can’t “include evidence” if you don’t have a receipt in hand for the item purchased. I’m not certain this meets with the spirit of the law but it is the letter of the law.

    Michigan Scanner Law