OK: Twice bitten
Posted: 2007-04-14. Categories: Oklahoma, Staples, Wal-mart
HP Printer - HP PSC 1200

I think you will agree with me when I say that this story is another outrageous example of Walmart fleecing the consumer.

My mother and I went in to purchase new HP cartridges for her printer in the Ponca City, Oklahoma, Walmart store. We went in with the old empty cartridges to insure that we were getting the right ones.

We picked up the two new ones; they were $29.99 and $33.99 along with 10 exp. pack of Polaroid film for $12.83. We walked up to the electronic department desk to check out and Linda, the clerk proceeded to scan our merchandise shockingly including the two empty cartridges that we brought in.

We said, “Hey what are you doing?” Those are empty – the old ones we are replacing. She said well they don’t have a pink sticker on them.

We said, “What is the total?” She said $83 something before she scanned the other old one. Mom said, “That’s not right!” At that point we knew we were being cheated so we took our old cartridges, told Linda the clerk, “Forget it we are going to staples.”

We then went to Staples, with the old cartridges, picked up the new ones, went up to the clerk who gave us a $3 each recycle rebate. We actually left Staples paying $7 less than what Walmart charged for their cartridges.

We then went back to Walmart spoke to the manager to let him know what had happened to us, he did not say much in response. When I took the receipt and showed him what staples had done for us. My last statement to him was that Walmart is a zoo and stressful enough without this kind of total disrespect and deceit and his only response was you are absolutely right.

As we turned to leave he said I’m sorry for what happened. I shook my head and walked out vowing to let everyone know what Walmart is capable of! Beware!

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