Frozen Yogurt Fix
Posted: 2007-05-07. Categories: Meijer

I have not been able to find frozen yogurt at my local Meijer store for three months. I have requested that the store buy more, but nothing has been done.

Recently, Breyers introduced a fat free brand of ice cream that is low in calories and tastes very good, too. I asked my Meijer store clerk if they would get some of that, since they carry the Breyers brand of ice cream. The person who orders ice cream told me that it was not available for her to order from her suppliers.

I have been a loyal Meijer customer for about 20 years, but I am losing patience. Maybe you need some new suppliers. The Giant Eagle across the street carries frozen yogurt, Breyers Fat Free Vanilla ice cream, and their own brand of fat free vanilla ice cream, which is also very good.

I don’t like to have to go to two different stores to get my groceries. Would you please ask your suppliers to get some of these products for you?


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