Walmart: Loose nuts
Posted: 2007-05-09. Categories: Wal-mart, Wisconsin

I am in the beginning stages of an internal claim against Walmart. I had bought 4-tires at the Onalaska, Wisconsin, Walmart, and had them installed there.

Two days later I hear a clumping sound and pull over on the road. I discover that my front two tires are loose. I tightened them down and drive into a local auto shop (I was about 60-miles from the Walmart I bought them at).

The technician there said that my front tires were indeed loose and that one of the pins (there are 5 pins on each wheel) had broken off.

I drive back to the Onalaska, Walmart and the Assistant Manager at the tire center said that they cannot replace the pins, but I should bring it to a different place and they will refund my money immediately if the total is under 250 dollars.

I called a local auto shop and by my description they figured the cost will be about 100 dollars.

When I was at Walmart I also asked the tire Assistant Manager to check my tires to make sure that they are safe. They brought it in to the shop, checked it over and told me it was good to go.

A couple days after this, before I am able to get my car in to the local shop, I hear the clumping noise again. I pulled over and once again discover that my front tires are loose. As I go to tighten the pins, one just snaps off. I took my vehicle to a different local shop that I had made an appointment for.

They told me that the tires are indeed loose and that all of the pins are damaged and need replacing. They said that some of the lugs had been installed “across the grain” and that the damage was clearly done as a result of poor installation. Due to the damage to all pins, the bill came to about $550.

I brought this bill to Walmart, and they said that with this amount it is out of their hands and will have to go through their claims department. So I began the paperwork.

What I want from Walmart is obviously to cover the bill to fix the job that they did at $550, and to also refund the extended warranty and tire rotation services I purchased, as I do not intend to let Walmart to take off the tires and replace them.

I have a very bad feeling that this is going to be a hassle even to get this. This was a very dangerous situation that was caused by their installation team. I feel that they are lucky that they only had me come in with the bill as opposed to an attorney bringing in a wrongful death case had the tires come off.

I would think extra compensation would be fair, due to the dangers posed and the inconvenience that I have endured; even if it’s just a slight refund or some show of good will effort on their part. Anyway, I have just begun the paper trail and hope for the best.

Any advice from the readers would be appreciated.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Walmart should stop buying items from China! Everything they sell is crap. I have 2 more items to return…I usually don’t shop there and now I remember why! Buy products from Canada and U.S.A., not made in China.