Where’s the Beef?
Posted: 2007-06-12. Categories: Retail Stores

This would be a terrific time for that commercial, “Where’s the beef.”

We could play a nice game of keep-away. I picked up some hamburger from the store yesterday, I felt like I was playing Russian roulette. Gee, what’s up all the recalls lately? Sort of makes you want to grow your own and steer clear of the market place.

Is the FDA doing such a poor job that they can no longer ensure public safety? Are you still eating beef? I still enjoy my beef but I do so with careful consideration due to the recalls.

A certain office manager and I were chatting on Friday afternoon. Her family had purchased hamburger last week, from her local grocer and actually found two eye teeth mixed in with the meat. She was pretty turned off about it. I can’t say I blame her.

Maybe instead of asking, “Where’s the beef?” We should be asking, “Is the beef safe?”

Have the current recalls effected your family?

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