Too Many Coincidences!
Posted: 2007-07-06. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

While shopping at the Canton, MI, Meijer store, I purchased 3 different 1/2 gallons of chocolate milk. One was sugar free, one low fat, and one was regular chocolate milk. All three rang up at 3.72.

I did not pay attention, as a few weeks ago the chocolate milks were all $1.99. I know prices increase but in just a few short weeks they have almost doubled. Of course the items were not marked, as they almost never are at that store. Sometimes you cannot find the price on the shelf the product is located on.

Well as it turned out the shelf price was $3.09. As I was attempting to get the bounty for these items, someone else was getting a price adjustment on a box of cereal. I do not feel this price difference is an accident. Three different product UPCs and all three items have inflated prices. Just a few minutes later, someone next to me was waiting to get yet another price adjustment.

I believe Meijer is intentionally marking items incorrectly and overcharging their customers.

Thank you,
Karen A.

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  1. Brent says:

    How much of the food at Meijers comes from China? Is it possible to put lables of origin so I know who’s economy I’m supporting?