MI: Allen Park
Posted: 2007-09-13. Categories: Meijer, Michigan

An open letter to Brian Danner, Meijer Store manager.

Mr. Brian Danner

We have to stop meeting like this. This is my third or forth time I have been overcharged at the Allen Park Meijer store. I have written to you a couple of the times but I keep having the same problems.

I was overcharged AGAIN today. Once again when I went to customer service I was given a hard time by Juanita and then Ann whom she called at my request to speak with a manager. I bought just a couple of items for my kids to make Smores and there were three tags hanging on the store shelves at the Honey Maid Graham display. The tags read – 2 for $5.00, so I bought two rather than just one.

When I rang up the items on guest check #A02330LNH07YFDS I was over charged the original price of $3.49 each. I told Juanita about the price overcharge and she looked in the circular. I told her there were three hanging tags at the shelves. I went back to the shelves and brought her back one of the tags.

She and Ann only gave me the difference and would not give me the STATE OF MICHIGAN MANDATED $5.00 BOUNTY.

I think I have been patient long enough. What is the problem at the Allen Park store with pricing? How many times is this allowed to happen before the State comes in and fines Meijer for cheating customers? This is a shame that this problem continues to occur.

Kenneth J. Gargala

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  1. Sarah says:

    People –

    Meijer profits are millions of dollars a year, why do you feel that they are intentionally trying to swindle you? The law was written to protect the consumer, the rest is human error, that’s all, just somebody’s son or daughter or wife not putting the right price into the main computer system, no more.


  2. Anonymous says:

    My observation about Meijer is based on a long term observation over the past couple of years.

    Meijer continues to reduce store help under the premise that it’s better for me as the customer. Due to their excessive cutbacks, I seldom can find a short line at the cash registers. Worse, on the 28th at the Kalamazoo store in Grand Rapids, MI, the lines encounter a horrible surge when they closed the cash registers on the West side of the building.

    Be assured, my complaint applies to the majority of the Meijer stores in the Grand Rapids area.


  3. Anonymous says:

    We have been going to the new Meijer in Allen Park since it opened. I hate it. The biggest pain in my side is the LONG wait at the cash registers, coupled with the obnoxious advertising screens that are always turned up WAY TOO LOUD. When we first moved to Dearborn the local stores were Kroger and Farmer Jack. We started going to the Allen Park Meier as soon as it opened, since we had long ago determined we could spend less money without having to carry a store ‘discount’ card. However, we’ve been keeping track over the last 10 or so visits and it takes us on average 10 minutes to do our shopping and 20 minutes to stand in line. Typically, the cashiers are just painfully sloooow and often there aren’t enough of them. It’s not worth the time or constant annoyance of having to be subjected to advertising as I’m in line waiting to spend between $75-100 (every week) on their products. It’s obvious Meijer is concentrating more on hedging greater profits at the expense of customer satisfaction and it’s turned us off of the store that we’ve favored for many years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was a cashier at the Woodhaven location from 97 – 99. They pulled that crap constantly w/ the bait & switch on prices. As a cashier I hated it because I knew it was being done intentionally, them thinking people would just think “oh well” and pay full price when it was clearly advertised as being on sale. It was always a pain because I would then have to call a manager to my register and they would have to put in their special override code to change the price. At that time we were the busiest Meijer in Wayne county…no lie…so it never helped when I would have at least 10 people in line at any given time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The law provides that in the event that you are not given the “bounty” within 24 hours, the retailer can be taken to court for $250