Meijers Return Policy
Posted: 2007-10-11. Categories: Meijer, Michigan


I was in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Meijers wishing to return my bottles and do some shopping. It was seven in the morning. I had about 70 crushed cans and politely asked the clerk who was wearing a red shirt for help as I could not get the machine to scan them.

He called his manager and returned a short time later saying that I could not receive money for my returned cans. I told the clerk that this was unacceptable and to call the manager to see me. The manager’s name was Todd. Right from the start he wanted to put me on the defensive saying that the store was losing money because of you “bottle collectors” and that it was store policy not to take crushed cans nor broken bottles because the machines need to separate the cans to credit each company accordingly.

He also told me that, “You can shop elsewhere as next time I will refuse you service.” He proceeded to manually count the cans and only credited me for $4.20 out of the $7.00 I had returned. Keep in mind that I was not offensive and I had a grocery cart with some food items I was shopping for before returning home to get ready for church.

There was another man there who was obviously a person who collected bottles and he looked at me shaking his head. I felt extremely embarrassed being berated and insulted by the manager named Todd. Keep in mind that there are no signs in Meijer pertaining to their policy of not accepting crushed cans or broken bottles. Furthermore, he wanted me to believe that Meijers is doing everything it can to help customers by providing them a service. Meijer could not possibly be losing money if for every can there is a ten cent deposit. Does Todd think I am naive?

I have taken business law in university and I do not think Todd knows the first thing about the Michigan can laws pertaining to returns. This is clearly a violation of commerce. What can I do besides write to you or the president of Meijer to report this incident from this very rude gentlemen. I did not know it was Meijer’s policy to tell customers to “shop somewhere else.”

Thank you for your expeditious reply.
Troy Brousso

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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Troy,

    Todd obviously needs a few lessons in providing customer service. I hope you will take the time to contact Meijer about the way this store manager treated you. Fortunately, this is still a free nation and you are free to shop where you like. Businesses are free to establish their own policies and shoppers who don’t like them can take their business and their wallet elsewhere.

    If enough people get fed up with Meijer’s business practices, the company can either change or go under. That’s the way things work in our capitalist society.

    Best Wishes