Fraud in Flint?
Posted: 2007-11-06. Categories: Meijer, Michigan
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The Meijer store on Hill Road in Flint, MI is where my problem starts and finishes.

This Meijer store consistently puts items in a bin, marking the price on the bin $3.49. Then you buy the item and it rings up at $4.99. Each time I take the item to the customer service desk they always want to give me the price difference but never a scanning award.

When I ask why, they say since the item does not have the price marked on the item, they don’t have to give me a scanning award. Only when I finally blow up will they give it to me. I go through this twice a month and sometimes more. That is false advertisement and fraud is it not?

Everything in the bin should be $3.49 not $4.99 they rip off hundreds of people every weekend now they want to give me two $2.50 in store coupons to equal the $5.00 scanning award that way they don’t have to report it to the state.

Flint, MI

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  1. donna says:

    I went into Jo Ann Fabrics yesterday. The same problem as another email author….very confusing signs showing 25% off No Sew Fleece kits…with a comma after the first item on the sign, Licensed prints, No Sew Kits & another item I don’t recall. But the No Sew fleece kit I wanted was right in there with the other 2 types on sale…not just 1 blanket set but hundreds. the one I wanted was NOT on sale. Also, in exchanging and item yesterday the “manager” told me I had to pay full price for an even exchange in simply a different color…same item, not one other difference. I told her their posting shows that with receipts within 90 days, I was entitled to an even exchange. nothing about the sale price going away for the exchange. Is this legal?

    DE of Santa Barbara