Target Pricing Policy
Posted: 2007-11-05. Categories: Michigan, Retail Stores, Target

I recently purchased a CD/DVD holder at Target. When I it got home I looked at it and discovered it was priced at $1.99. When I checked my receipt I was charged $11.99. So, I returned it to the store.

The cashier said that the tag was incorrect and they would not sell me the item for $1.99, since it was less than half the price of the item.

However if I decided to keep the holder she could give me the $5 scanner bounty. Now is this correct? I thought that they had to sell it to you for the price marked on the package.


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  1. Retail Bandit says:

    Dear Joshua,

    Most stores will honor pricing errors, unless they have reason to believe a customer changed the tags. If you can show the manager that all the CD Rom cases were marked the same price, they should honor it and fix their error.

    The customer service clerk may not be authorized to make a price adjustment over a certain amount. You should have requested to speak to a manager about the problem. Normally, a manager will attempt to make it right with the customer because good will goes a long way in business dealings.

    Best wishes to you and thanks for sharing your shopping story.