Walmart: Class Action
Posted: 2007-11-15. Categories: California, Wal-mart


I was wondering if you were still following “Wal-Mart’s over charging at the register”?

I spend thousands of dollars a year at this giant’s store and never thought to go over receipt until recently — having our first child has changed all of that.

I noticed they have charged me five different prices, each one higher than the original, within a six-month period on baby formula. Since the babies birth, we have kept all our receipts. When I saw a little old lady complaining about being overcharged, I decided to go over all my receipts. Sure enough they got over on me 7 out of 10 times. The shelf price has been the same the entire time.

When I went to the customer service desk, the clerk said since most my most recent receipt showed the correct price, they could not help me since all the other receipts were over 30-days-old. That is a bunch of BS!!!

I try to boycott them as much as possible! THEY ARE EVIL!! Is it possible to start a class action suit like California has done, against this evil giant?

Thank you for your time.


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  1. Andria says:

    First of all it’s not the company. The thing that people forget, is tell people to stop stealing and the prices would not change often. And if you have a problem with the pricing talk to your store manager. Don’t take it out on the people who work there. And if you feel so strongly about being over charged don’t shop there, go somewhere else, the only reason you shop there is because maybe you can’t afford the prices at the other stores, for the same product. You broke people, always talking negative about something. Get a Fing life