Apples to Apples
Posted: 2007-12-26. Categories: Meijer
Apples to Apples

I stopped shopping at Meijer for a long time because of the scams they run. I recently went back to shop at Meijer thinking I would pay better attention to the sale signs and find a price scanner, which are mounted though out the store, so I could check any unpriced item.

Well, all of the sales items didn’t have price tags and when I scanned them they rang up at non-sale prices. I also saw a sale on apples for 99 cents a pound. There were 6 or 7 different apples in a row, right by the doors of the store. So I went through and picked out an assortment of red and green apples.

When I went to leave the store after checking out, I noticed that the apples rang up at over $7.00 for 5 apples. Wow! So when I took them back the check out lady said that there was a non-sale apple in the bag and she picked out two apples that weren’t on sale.

NOW! If she knew at the time that there were non-sale apples in the bunch, why did she go ahead and charge me full price for all of the apples? I went back over to the display, to check and sure enough, at the end of the row, on a little blackboard, written in small white chalk I found the non-sale apples listed at $2.29 per lb. I had not seen it.

It was a scam and the check out lady was in on it. She could have said something when I checked out, instead of waiting to see if I caught it. I shouldn’t have to be on guard just to shop at Meijer.

I will once again, stop shopping at Meijer. I say it isn’t a UPC scanner problem it’s a scam. Think of all the customers that don’t catch the over charging. This wasn’t the 1st, 2nd or even the 10th time I have been over charged at Meijer. But it will be the last time!


~J. Hottois

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  1. Anon says:

    Honestly think about it, do you really belive that a Meijers cashier gets any benefit from scamming you? Next time read the signs more closely.