Electric Cart Dispute
Posted: 2007-12-30. Categories: Nevada

Disabled Vet harassed, embarrassed and humiliated by Walmart employee who refused to relinquish an electronic shopping cart in Las Vegas, NV.

My husband and I went to the Wal-Mart (store #1560) located at 6005 S. Eastern, Las Vegas, Nevada, at approximately 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 29, 2007, to do some shopping. I had a return to make and while receiving my return ticket at the north-end doors, I asked the clerk if they had any electric carts available, as my husband is a fall hazard and cannot walk far. The clerk gave me my return ticket and stated there were no carts available.

Electric Cart Dispute

I went to the customer service desk and made my return while my husband grabbed a regular cart to help him stand. We observed an older lady in an electric cart at one of the check stands finishing up her purchases and my husband went to see if he could have that cart when she was finished. I finished up my returns and went to the south-end door entrance where my husband was waiting for me. What I saw was very shocking! My husband was standing in the entrance without the regular cart and a Wal-Mart employee was driving off in the electric cart.

As I walked toward my husband, the employee was driving past me. I asked him if he took the cart away from my husband and the employee smiled at me and said, “Sure did!”

I asked, “My husband needs the cart, can he have that one?” The employee, again smiling, almost smirking said, “Nope!”

When I arrived by my husband’s side, my husband was furious.

The older lady and he decided to trade carts, as she needed the regular one to carry her purchases out to the car. Before my husband can sit in the electric cart, the employee came up, grabbed the handles and said, “You can’t have it. It’s mine!”

My husband explained he was a fall hazard and the lady gave up the cart for him. The employee did not care.

He grabbed the cart even harder and said, “You can’t have it.” My husband declared that he was a disabled American Veteran and the employee stated loudly, “You didn’t do too good in the Vietnam War and you’re not doing so good in Iraq!” This employee embarrassed and humiliated my husband by yelling and arguing over an electric cart.

After hearing what happened, I asked to speak to the store manager. I was told that he was not on duty today.

I asked if there was anyone to speak with and an Assistant Manager was called. I explained what happened to the Assistant Manager and all she said was, “I will go speak with him.”

Since we had parked our car near the north-end doors, my husband and I left by that door. As we walked past that same employee, he had the audacity to laugh at us. Both my husband and I were embarrassed and humiliated.

If the manager would kindly review the camera tapes, he or she will see how that employee treated us. It happened around 10:00 a.m. Saturday, December 29, 2007. My husband was wearing blue jeans, a safari jacket and a brown cowboy hat. I was wearing a denim skirt and a tan colored coat. My husband and I both had our canes.

~V.F. in Las Vegas, NV

2 Comments to "Electric Cart Dispute"

  1. Retail Bandit says:

    I am sorry for the terrible way you and your husband were treated. This is outrageous behavior by an employee. I do hope you follow up with a complaint to Wal-mart’s Corporate headquarters.

    Personally, I hope you hire an attorney and file charges against the store, the manager, the employee and the Wal-mart Corporation. At the very least this employee should be fired.

    Stupid stunts like this one make you wish you could carry a baseball bat with you to use on punks who haven’t been taught to respect their elders and care for other human beings.

    This story simply has me stunned that someone could act to incredibly stupid.

    Please keep us posted on the outcome of your ordeal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is flat outrageous. I am an associate of wal mart. I treat my customers like royalties. I have more compliments than I do complaints. Lets say this, I hardly ever hear complaints from customers. Rather I get hand pats and hugz for doing a great service. This is by customers and disabled vets. I am disabled friendly along with compassionate caring. that employee needs his ass wooped for that. Better yet, send his ass into Iraq. When he comes back, take the cart away from him to show him how it feels. By God, Two wrongs dont make a right, but show the other person how you feel.