Wanted: Working Freezer
Posted: 2008-01-13. Categories: Meijer, Michigan, Retail Stores

I was shopping at store #22 in Portage, MI, when I went to get some frozen items from the freezers there I found that the freezers were warm not cold. An employee stated to me that the freezers went down the day before and they had no idea when they would be operating again. This was a great shock to me.

I contacted Meijer at Meijer.com and complained only to receive a story from the store director stating that all the food was being checked and was safe to sell. How is frozen food safe to sell when the freezers are at least fifty-degrees (50°)?

I am very upset with this. Apparently the store director just want to cover his own behind If this is the case then signs should have been put on the freezers warning customers of the dangers of buying thawed frozen foods and refreezing them. This is not the first time that I have had a problem with this store. The corporate office should look into this before someone gets seriously ill or dies from this.

I will not ever shop that store again. I am sick of being lied to by the management and the refusal of that store honoring it’s own grocery ad, which has happened more than once.

~Fred H.,
Michigan Shopper

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